Commercial Sales

RE/MAX Commercial views each client relationship as a partnership. This starts with gaining a deep understanding of cline needs and objectives and engaging the company's extensive resources to maximize value for each assignment. We take pride in helping investors develop the right strategies and confidently invest. Because we don't just execute transsaction- we partner with our clients to create real estate wealth. 

We understand that you have many choices when it comes to representations. Our culture is to foster relationships built on teamwork and collaboration. At RE/MAX Commercial, you don't hire an agent, you hire a team. Our Investment Sales team optimizes the value of clients' assets by implementing strategies beyond income projections and rent roll. Our services make properties more appealing, fill vacancies, stabilize cash flow, and position for increased asset value. 

Our vast network becomes your own when you work with RE/MAX Commercial. Sellers gain access to the largest pool of qualified investors and a marketing platform with proven results. Buyers gain access to the largest inventory of investment properties and trusted advisors who find them opportunities that match their needs. 

We have specialists in all major markets and property types. With unmatched knowledge of the characteristics s and requirements of both the local markets within each property type, our investment specialists can maximize value for our clients. Each team member utilizes specialized training, marketing, and tailored communication tools to produce outstanding results unique to each transaction. 

Areas We Cover